General Public:   If you have lost something and would like us to help you find it……please go to “about us” tab at the top of the page, hover over it, and then click on contact us and call Glen or Bob (Officers of the Club)  We would love to try to help reunite you with your lost object(s).  

If you have an interesting property you would like us to detect and you have the authority of give us permission to go on site and detect it.  Give us a call!  Please go to the “about us” tab at the top of the page, hover over it, and then click on contact us and call Glen or Bob (Officers of the Club).   


 On 1/25/2017 our Ules (and Sharon) represented the club and went out and helped the Truckee Meadows Fire Department locate buried Fire Hydrants.  Click on the link below to view the video from Channel 8 KOLO (This page will open in a new window):



  photo from KOLO Website



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Posted by Lisa and Dave


Words can’t express that gratitude Dave and I have for this team of amazing men. They hiked up to Snow King at Squaw Vallley Ski Resort reaching 7500 ft and found my wedding ring. They stayed positive and optimistic the entire hike. You have restored my faith in humanity. Tom, Ules and John are my forever hero’s. Thank you so much…..from Lisa and Dave

Posted by Astrid Gwinn to Reno Prospecting and Detecting Club

January 3, 2016
Just want to say a huge thank you to Glenn & Steve this morning for all their help finding my husbands ring in the snow! Amazing guys who were just so reassuring and found the wedding band in less than 5 mins smile emoticon so thank you again for all your help, nothing could replace the sentimental value & we’re so relieved after thinking that finding it was a lost cause in all of the snow.


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