About Us

Originally the club was a small handful of folks wanting to get together with like-minded folks who shared this amazing hobby! Over the years the membership has exploded. Our goal is to be “The Club” on the West Coast! Of course we love to metal detect but we also give back to the community by participating in educational hands-on events for all ages.

If you are on Facebook and have liked our page, please invite your friends to like our page as well.  We are trying a grassroots initiative to increase our likes.  To do this: log into your Facebook account, then go to our page.  On the left column, it will show how many people like this page. Directly under that it will say invite your friends to like this page.  Click on that, and click on all the friends you would like to invite.  They do not have to like the page, but you will be surprised at how many do!  Thanks for your time and effort in doing this!  ?

Our Club Officers:

  • President: Sharon Nelson 775-399-4445   (General Club Info)
  • Vice President: Mike Dewey 702-592-2887
  • Treasurer: Lori Walker 775-843-9861
  • Website:  Steve Griffin 775-250-5282