Rules 2017

                     Rye Patch Nugget Shoot 2017 Hunt Rules

No entry into hunt field prior to hunt.

Hunt Masters are in charge of the hunt.

Hunt masters have final word on all things concerning the hunt.

Hunt starts at 10am and ends at 3pm.

Entrants must provide their own metal detector and target recovery tools.

All must fill in the holes you dig to recover the token.

No Search Coil larger than twelve inches allowed. Note: No over-sized Coils of any kind will be allowed on the Hunt Field.

Small electronic pin-pointers will be allowed.

All hunt participates wear target recovery pouch for trash removal.

Small Hand Recovery Scratching Tools, Small Recovery Hand Trowels and or a small hand pick allowed.

No recovery speed baskets allowed.

No target recovery plugging tools allowed.

Participant will be allowed to turn in only one prize token towards drawing.No Team digging allowed. When you find a token pass the metal detector to your partner and let them find a token. You can only turn in one per person so let the other in your group find their own. If team digging observed by hunt masters you could lose your token.

Last year some who found more than one gave the other one or ones they found to participant(s) who did not find any.

In the event not all prize tokens are located we will hold a second chance drawing to be conducted at the conclusion of the drawing for participants who located a token. All who attend will be allowed to enter the second chance drawing by filling out an entry card and attending the drawing.

Only one second chance entry per attendee and or participant.

Participants who located a prize token and who entered into first drawing and all second chance drawing entries must be present at time of drawing to claim prize.

Prize drawings will begin at 3:15pm the day of the hunt.

The drawing is random and there is no guarantee that the major prize will be handed out to a contestant who finds a hidden token.

All prizes will be handed out the day of the hunt.

Special note: This hunt will occur in the desert with the normal desert hazards. Which are not limited to trips and falls, snakes, uneven surface, excessive heat, wind so on?

It is recommended that you wear snake guards.

By attending the 2017 Rye Patch Nugget Shoot you understand there are natural and man-made hazards that cannot be eliminated by the organizers of the event.

You agree that you are attending this event at your own risk.  


Thank you

Hunt Masters